How to get the flying squirrels out of the attic

It is a common thing to hear most of the people complaining of the squirrels in their attic. The squirrels can be a great nuisance and cause great damages to the thing that are present in the particular area where they are staying. Therefore, you will need to be very careful with how you treat them. There are three methods that you could use to keep them off. These are;

• Exclusion.
• Trapping.
• Repellents.

These are the methods that are mostly used around many homes and have shown to bear good fruits. Therefore, you can use them much to your advantage.

This is a very effective method that will help you get the animal out from the place where it has been hiding-the attic. First off, you need to seal the whole attic. Patch every hole, every opening by which the squirrels could be using to access you attic. You could consider doing the following;

• Sealing carefully the chimney.
• Seal off any vents that have been formed in the house.
• Any holes that have been formed, you need to seal it.
• Any other holes connecting the attic and the rest of the house need to be sealed.

By securing all the holes in your house you can actually do very great things at keeping the animals away from your house.

As an exclusion method, you need to provide an exit route. The animals need to get out of the house. Remember when sealing off the holes make sure that you leave one for the animal to use as an exit door. Therefore, at this hole, make sure that you provide an escape route for the animal.

Trapping the squirrel
You can also opt to trap the animal. Make sure that the trap that you use is the right kind of trap. Using the wrong trap might bear very negative results. Also in addition to that, you will need to use the right type of bait to catch the animal. Using the wrong bait might lead to undesired effects.

Repellents might help to get the animal out of the house. This includes the ultrasonic sound, the beams of light, the ammonia and mothballs. All these repellants are somehow effective at keeping the animals away.

Getting the animal out of your attic is very simple as following the simple guidelines provided above. Therefore, do not let these animals bother you again.

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