What Is Foothold Trap?

What is foothold trap and what is the level of the effectiveness? Foothold trap is a special and well-organized trap built with intension of catching animals on the foot. This kind of trap comes in several types and arrangement. The trap comes with everything you need to set it and the setup is not difficult. The first type of this trap is the underspring, also known as jump trap. This is an old and most popular foothold. This type though effective yet, has been outdated.

The Longspring Foothold Trap
Among other types of foothold traps in the market today the most popular is the longspring traps. These particular types are known to be heavy. They are of big size which is disadvantageous in conceding it from the animals. In the case for submersion set, the weight of this particular type of foothold trap is really an advantage.

Coil-Spring Foothold Trap
In the order of popularity, the coil-spring foothold trap is the second after the longspring foothold trap. They are smaller in size when compared to the longspring type. So, when you have limited space, coil-spring foothold trap will be the option. The strength, speed as well as the small size of these types is what made it mostly used for bobcat, coyote and fox. In order to enhance the stability and strength of this trap most trappers usually put extra two more springs.

Guarded Foothold Trap
This particular type of foothold trap usually comes with guard attachment loaded with spring. This particular attachment is used to avoid captured animal to injure itself or even escaping from the trap. So, you will likely need this trap when you want to catch any wild animal alive without allow it to be injured. In fact, if you are dealing with muskrat in the shallow water, you will likely need this trap. Also, when you need the trap that will make it easy for you to catch any kind of animals without delay, you should consider Guarded foothold trap as a perfect option.

The Enclosed Foothold Trap
Do you have serious raccoon infestation in your property? No worries as the best kind of trap you need to capture this animal is an enclosed foothold trap. This trap is also effective in catching opossum. The trap is designed in various forms depending on the particular manufacturer that made it. There are some states within the United States that prefer enclosed foothold trap.

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