What to do if I found a roadkill

More often, when walking across the streets, you will often come by some dead animals that have been hit by the vehicles. Many people have developed various methods through which the road kill animals can be dealt with. Therefore, it is prudent to understand how the animals meet their death and how this problem can be mitigated.

Problems resulting from the roadkill animals
There are a lot of problems that will normally result from the death of animals by fatal car crash. The following are the problems caused by the roadkills;

• The roadkill might cause a very distasteful condition and appearance especially where the tourists are involved.
• The road kill can actually cause a very severe damage to the economy since it will involve the cleaning and repair of the sight of the accident.
• The roadkill will also cause a very big damage to the vehicle.
• The roadkill will also harm and threaten the endangered species.
• This killing might also involve the killing of the livestock and the pets of the people living around the site where the roadkill happens.
• It might cause the death of the occupants of the occupants of the vehicle.
• Cause painful death of the struck animal.

What to do
In case you come up a place and there is a roadkill, you need to contact the local gaming authority since taking the death toll is very important especially to large animals. Animal population must be regulated and maintained and if there will be road kills then record is important to keep. But in case you find small animals involved in the accident, you need to just remove it from the road, it death is not a big deal.

How to prevent the roadkill
Preventing road kill happens in two main ways;

• Changing the driving behaviors.
• Changing the animal behaviors.

Changing the driving behaviors
This can be usually done in three major ways.

1. Creating the drivers awareness by putting up post that will show the drivers the presence of animals in the area.
2. The second way through which roadkills can be stop is by making the drivers aware of the specific hazardous areas by the use of the rumble strips and the lighting.
3. The third way is to slow the drivers physically by using the speed bumps and the chicanes.

Changing the animal behaviors
1. Managing the animals in the zoo and stopping them from loitering around the roads.
2. Discouraging the animals from crossing the road using things such as the ultra sonic sound, reflectors and fencing.
3. Providing safe crossing such as the overpass and the underpass.

Stopping the accidents from happening is the most important thing to do rather than dealing with th

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