Is a fox a danger to pets or farm animals?

Foxes are omnivorous, they will eat anything edible. That means their diet will consist of little animals, fruits, berries and other types of foods.

What types of animals are in danger?
Because they can eat small animals, your chicken, ducks, rabbits and other little or new born animals will be a good diet change from the normal berries the foxes in your area are used to. However, since the foxes’ size is generally about the size of a large cat, they do not pose any danger to cats and dogs. Cats will fiercely protect themselves while dogs are generally larger than foxes hence are easily to fend off any attack from a fox.

Why would a fox attack a pet or small animal in your home?
• Sometimes foxes can be quite territorial especially during mating season. Therefore, they may attack your pets in case they feel their territory is being invaded.
• It could be really hungry and in need of food.
• In case it is attacked, it may be fighting off a perceived attacker or enemy.

Do they attack often?
No. Because of the fact that they are afraid of people, and are solitary creatures, the most probable cause of action for a fox when faced by an animal of a different species is to run away. However, any animal that has potential to make prey for them will be hunted and eaten. That is why it is best to keep your chicken and rabbit sheds well protected.

What other dangers do they pose?
While killing or injuring your animals gravely is not a possibility, there is another type of danger involved. And this revolves around disease. Through contact during confrontations or playing around fox feces, your pets risk some of the following diseases.

• Mange; your pets may contract mange from foxes which affects their courts.
• Rabies; this deadly disease if passed on to your pets or other animals may prove more deadly than you had anticipated.
• Toxocariasis; this disease infects your pets through ingesting roundworm larvae that is released through foxes droppings.
• Tapeworms; your animals may also contract tapeworms from foxes in case they mess around with tapeworm infested fox feces.

Final thought
Generally foxes do not pose any danger to your pets, therefore concentrate on protecting the smaller animal that are defenseless against them and avoiding contracting illness by practicing proper hygienic practices when handling their feces.

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