Are foxes dangerous to cats, dogs, or other pets?

Up until now, people are still bothered as to whether foxes are really dangerous to domestic animals. While most of these actually depend on the situation, a fox is still a wild animal and it only means they are capable of insinuating trouble. No matter how tame your cats and dogs are, they instinctively know when self-defense is needed. It only goes to say that smaller pets (like birds, guinea pigs, rabbits and reptiles) are at higher risk.

What about the dog

If your dog is relatively larger than the fox, then there is no point in worrying. The only things you have to keep an eye on are maybe the puppies (if it does have a puppy in the first place). Just like other canines, a fox is also a potential carrier of the following;

• Rabies
• Fleas
• Worms
• Parasites
• And other dog-related diseases

If the cat jump right in

Foxes usually don’t feel comfortable having cats around ---because cats are very defensive. They scratch, hiss, spit and are capable of pulling out a chunk of fur if they have to. In other words, your property is basically free from foxes if you own a cat. Unless the fox got in there first, then you may have to think twice about letting your cat come near the fox’s den. Foxes are also territorial especially if they have cubs hiding safely from the burrow. In that case, your cat may need to run fast.

How to keep your pets away from harm

Foxes are generally predators in the wild. Once they see a potential prey in the surrounding, they will go after it. Even if the place is unfamiliar to them (e.g. newly developed residential properties), a fox can destroy anything that keeps them from getting what they want.

• It would be necessary to build a more secured playpen (for smaller pets) to avoid an unlikely encounter with a stray fox.
• Check the surrounding if there is a fox’s burrow you haven’t noticed yet
• Poultry animals (e.g. chicken, duck, etc.) should be kept safely inside the cage
• Free roaming animals are potential prey victims to foxes
• Don’t forget to take your dog to the vet clinic for regular check ups (Including flea treatment, anti- rabies and also de-worming)
• Get in touch with a wildlife removal expert if there is an incidence of fox attacking your neighborhood

Are foxes dangerous to cats, dogs, or other pets?

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