Are foxes dangerous to humans?

Well they are only dangerous to animals that are smaller than them or animals that attack them. So the automatic answer to this question is no.

Do they ever attack humans?
The truth is that they are very wary of humans and any sightings of people serves as a warning to run away and hide. However, this doesn’t mean that they will not attack if push comes to shove.

They will attack humans if;

• They are trying to defend their territory, especially during the mating season. This is because they become very territorial during that period.
• They have been completely cornered and have nothing else to do other than to fight back.
• If they are literally attacked by humans.
• A fox may attack you if it is sick and is confused. For instance if it has rabies. This is because Rabies generally makes animals anxious and aggressive.

How can you keep them away from you?
There are a couple of methods you can use to keep the foxes away from you. Namely:

Use of scaring tactics
When using these methods, the plan is to chase the fox away. You can use any of the following methods.

• You can make noises to scare them away.
• You can use automatic sprinklers of water guns to chase them away.
• You can throw stuff at them like little balls to frighten and scare them off too.

Use of repellents
In order to use repellents, it is best to use repellents of animals that are recognized as predators or that are terribly hard to withstand for the foxes. For instance, you can place kittenlitter boxes around the places they like visiting in your area. You can also use capsicum based granules in their paths.

Exclusion methods
If you simply do not want the fox to come to your compound, you can try exclusion methods like building a fence which ensures they will not come into the compound. Also consider sealing all the possible holes there are that may be allowing the foxes to come into your compound.

As a general rule;

Foxes will not approach you and attack you. If anything the sight of you will send it into the bushes in fear of you. So unless you have a really good really to want to disturb it, it is best to just let it be. It will go away on its own.

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