Where do foxes live? Do more foxes live in urban areas, or wild areas?

If you are a lover of foxes, then you probably want to know as much as you can about them. The question as to where foxes live makes a lot of sense since one is able to better understand them.

Where do they live?
Foxes homes are called dens and are generally found in underground holes they dig or under sheds or any spaces that will make a nice, warm safe home for the fox. What is important is a cozy place hence any hollow comfortable, ‘away from predators’ place will do for them. Some foxes will also climb trees and settle among the bushes although they do not make homes on trees.

What influences a fox’s choice of habitat?
• The fox’s diet will determine where it is most likely comfortable to live. If for instance there is a lake nearby, there will be more foxes within that neighborhood than a place where there is little food.
• Foxes are very sensitive to their security, they will therefore go looking for places where they will burrow and be safe.
• They also like living in areas that are dry. Therefore during rainy seasons, foxes near urban areas will tend to move nearer to human shelters in order to have warm shelters.

Where are there more foxes?
Foxes are wild animals. Apart from being wild animals, they are also very wary of human beings and therefore hide a lot. Although a large number of them live in urban areas, it is also true a larger number is in the woods. This is because;

• It minimizes their chances of interacting with human beings.
• They are generally able to find good places to build their dens more easily.
• Depending on the season, there may be very readily available food in the woods.

Therefore, although there are many that are found in the urban areas, there are still many more in the woods.

In conclusion
Since they are wild animals, there are more foxes in the woods than there are in urban areas. However, food availability, environmental conditions and mating habits may cause foxes to keep from wooded areas into urban areas, especially in places where they are close to human habitation. What is import to remember is they try to keep out of your way, so keep off their way.

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