How to get rid of birds in the attic

Birds are a lovely sight to bird lovers. However when you have many of them living in your attic, you may quickly find yourself turning into a ‘bird hater’. If you already are one, then probably this article will do you some good.

Why do you need to remove birds from your attic?

  • Their dropping can quickly destroy the floor of your attic
  • The chirping and flapping of wings can sometimes become too much.
  • There are health risks involved in having birds in your attic like E coli.
Why are there birds in your attic?

The most likely reason is the birds really have no home to go to. Meaning, there is a possibility that trees in the area have been cut down and they need a place to make nests and rear their young. They are likely to stay until their chicks can fly and fend for themselves.

How to remove them

If these ‘winged friends’ are already your unwelcome non-paying tenants, it’s time to remove them. The following tips will enable you to effectively remove them from your attic.
  • Exclusion methods- you can make exclusion doors that ensure once the bird leaves itwill no longer have access to the attic. These doors are generally wide on the side that is attached to the exit and narrow on the other end (conical in shape).
  • You can use cage traps. These involve you placing food inside a cage and waiting for them to get in to feed. Once this happens, quickly close the cage and relocate them to the woods or areas designated for such release.
  • You or your pet can also get into the attic and make noise to scare them away.
What to do when all of them are gone

Prevent them from ever coming back. You can use good bird nets to cover the spaces between your roofline where they may be getting in through. Also cover any other entrances they may be using to get into your attic.

Use of bird deterrents like ‘owl’ toys may work for a while. However they are generally smart and will observe keenly, when they establish there is no ‘bite’ in the bird they may come back. A perfectly working plan is getting a live trained animal (like a dog) to bark at them whenever they approach.

Many states have laws about bird control and protection. Before you use a method you are not too sure of, find out from your local authorities what is allowable and what is not.

How to get rid of birds in the attic

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