How to get rid of pests in the attic

Pests in your attic can be a nightmare. They can destroy your wiring, boards, bring up one terrible stink in your home, they make noises that are just unbearable and can carry disease causing antigens into your home. These are a few of the reasons why you should remove them ASAP.

First things first

Establish all possible entrances the pests in question are using. Ensure to seal all of them except the main entrance.

How to remove them

  • Fix an exclusion door on the main entrance. This ensures that when the pest in question goes out to forage for food, there will be no possibility of them coming back into the attic. Once all the pests have left the attic, seal the main entrance.
  • Traps- live cage traps are the most humane way to remove them other than exclusion doors. Use a good bait to attract them into the cage. Once the animal is trapped inside, you can relocate them to suitable grounds (preferably the woods).
  • Snap traps- for pests like rats and mice; it is preferable to simply kill them off. Use strong snap traps that ensure the pest is killed instantly as opposed to weak ones thatprolong suffering.
  • Eviction fluids- these are liquids that are sprayed around the place the pests live. While they are not applicable to all pests, some are effectively removed by eviction fluids, for instance raccoons.
  • Repellents- while they are not always effective and wear off in time, they may buy you time to seal off all the entrances at the initial point of application.
  • Capsicum based powders- the burning action of capsicum has made it one of the most effective ways to remove pests from your attic.
Remove the attraction

Clean compounds that are free of fallen fruit and pet treats are generally unattractive to pests. Also remember to maw your lawns regularly to keep pests from hiding in the grass. Trees should be trimmed well away from the house to avoid some pests like squirrels from jumping onto your roof.

Another alternative

If you do not have the patience or feel that you do not have the skills to remove the pest yourself, local pest control experts are a great alternative. They will remove and advise you on what to do to avoid future invasion. However, remember cleanliness is very important in pest control.

How to get rid of pests in the attic

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