What is Goose Egg Addling?

Sometimes the geese population in an area can get out of hand and it becomes necessary to control such populations. Addling means loss of development. Meaning the eggs that are being incubated are rendered not viable. While this method is specifically designed for Canada geese, it can be used on other birds.

Why is it important to use this technique?

1. This is considered a human way too control Canada geese populations.
2. It keeps the bird population in check, ensuring they only grow in number when you decide to increase them.
3. In a way it is a population planning method as are human population control methods.
4. It helps n reducing human-geese conflict.

Precautions to take before you start

• It is very important to study the law in your area and understand what the protocols for goose addling are. You do not want to find your way to court because you weren’t keen enough to know what the law in your state says about Canada geese in your area.

• Interference with the eggs with their knowledge can cause a lot of problems with geese fighting and attacking you. Therefore, you need to come up with a plan that will effectively trick them without their suspicion.

• It is best to ensure that any changes you make on the eggs are undetectable.

How is it done?

It is important to understand how you can do it without causing stress to the geese. This therefore calls for watchfulness and knowledge on how to do it properly.

• One can trick the geese with use of dummy eggs. This encourages the goose to continue incubating her eggs while arresting laying of more eggs. She will incubate for a longer period waiting for chicks that will never come.

• You can use food grade corn oil. Ensure you completely cover the eggs with the oil. This prevents air passing through the egg hence arresting development. This method has proven veryeffective with success rates of 95%-100% success rates.

• You can shake and pierce theeggs. However this method is not as success as the others and needs someone who knows how to do it well.

• You can physically remove the eggs and destroy the nest. However, they will move and lay eggs elsewhere.


The best option is where you can get the geese to continue thinking the eggs will hatch. That is why dummy eggs and oiling eggs are highly recommended.

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