Gopher Prevention - How to keep Gophers away from yard

Do you want to keep your front yard free from plant eating rodents? Just in case you see your neighbour’s lawn being infested with gophers, it’s only natural to react and come up with several means to prevent these pests from going there next. Or, you have probably found ways to get rid of them and don’t want the same thing to happen all over again. Whatever the case may be, there are ways to prevent gophers and keep them away for good.

First trick
Knowing that gophers are afraid of cats and dogs, you can put aside the droppings of your pets and leave them scattered all over the yard. Smelling the odour from afar can already drive gophers away. But did you know that gophers are also sensitive to the smell of mothballs, dryer sheets, ground coffee beans, castor oil and even fish scraps? Time to stock up with some of these!

Second trick
Since gophers love to munch down your plants and crops, you can add other plants that gophers won’t come near to. This method works like a natural repellent because all you have to do is to surround your garden area with any of the following;

• Oleander
• Marigold
• Daffodil
• Castor bean

On that regard, you might want to eliminate a few plants and vegetables that they usually find irresistible to taste. You can also enclose your plants with chicken wire that comes with the shape of a basket. Another alternative is to raise your flowerbeds a little bit more so it becomes elevated and surround the bottom with chicken wires for more protection.

Third trick
Gophers hide underground so definitely they don’t want some noise. In other words, they couldn’t stand an environment that signifies there are others around to say the least. Therefore, it’s about time to put some wind chimes over the patio or install a surrounding speaker outside the garden.

Fourth trick
Traps as we all know are good at catching gophers. If you’re suspecting signs of gophers nearby, you can set up some traps before everything goes out of control. It’s also necessary to put a fence around the perimeter as preventive measure.

Best of all
One can only do so much. But with each homeowner having different priority and lifestyle, coming up with all of these can be a tedious task. All things considered, we can all agree that the most reliable solution of all lies within the hands of wildlife experts and exterminators. Don’t you think so too?

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