Gopher Repellent- Types and Do They Work?

If you have Gophers in your property one of the things you will think about is whether the repellents work at all. This article is about to provide you information on various Gopher repellents available in the market. There are many commercial Gopher repellents in the market today but most of them do not work. That is why the naturally formulated ones seem to be more effective. Just like every other wild animals, Gophers too hate some smells and when they come to the place with such spell they will likely move out to look for food elsewhere.

Scent Repellent for Gopher
There are various repellents both commercial and the homemade repellents made for Gophers. One of the types is the scent repellents as Gophers hate to stay around areas with scent. The Fish Scent is known as the major put off to gophers and they can easily move away from their habitat when you keep the scent for them. Some people equally use rotten eggs but that does not work all the times.Castor Oil Repellent

The Castor Oil Repellent
for Gophers is among the repellents used by people to control Gophers. Some homeowner has testified using this repellent to solve their Gopher infestation but the result has not been proved by many people. To use Castor Oil to repel Gopher, just mix the castor oil with water and spray it in the place Gopher normally forage or burrow. You can equally spray the mixture into the tunnel. It is believed that Gophers will definitely run away when they are not able to stand the smell of castor oil in your lawn or around your property.

Coffee Ground Repellent
The Coffee ground is another homemade Gopher repellents you can consider when you have Gopher infestation in your property or home. Just sprinkle used coffee ground in the holes made by Gophers and sprinkle some of the ground around the garden and they will go away. You can go ahead and try out this method as it is known to be better than most commercial Gopher repellent in the market.

Gas from Exhaust of Vehicle
The Carbon monoxide in from your vehicle exhaust can make Gophers to run away from the burrows as quickly as possible. That is when there is other opening remaining for it to follow when the entire tunnel is loaded with gas from vehicle exhaust. If not the animal can even die inside the tunnel due to the effect of Carbon monoxide.

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