Is A Groundhog That Is Active During Day Time Rabid?

Groundhogs just like many wild animals are known to be nocturnal. That is to say they are most active during the night and less active during the day time. Their level of activeness during the night can be linked to the fact that they prefer to go around in search for foods in the night order than in the day. But, when nocturnal animal happen to be infected with disease that affected the central nervous system it can begin to display untypical behavior like becoming active in the day and others. Rabies is a disease that usually affects the central nervous system of most warm blooded animals making them to display some strange and untypical behaviors. However, it is only rarely groundhog can be active in the day because it is infected with rabies. There are many other reasons to this.

Healthy Groundhogs Also Move Around During the Day Some Times
Though rabid groundhogs can easily move around during the day as opposed to the natural way of life, it is not all ground active in the day that is rabid. Healthy and vibrant groundhogs can also move around in the day for one reason or the other. In that regard, you do not have reason to panic when you find groundhog active during the day.

Groundhogs Chased Out Of the Habitat Can Be Found Active in the Day
There are so many reasons healthy groundhog can move around or become active in the day time. One of the reasons is when it is chased out of the habitat by predator or human factor. The animal will have no other option than to move around in the day in search of another dwelling place.

Mother Groundhogs Can Move Around In Search Of Foods in the Day
Another thing that makes healthy groundhog to be active during the day is hunger. This mostly affects mother groundhogs with nest babies. They tend to need more food than single groundhog. For that reason, it will not be unlikely to find mother groundhog moving around places or becoming active during the day.

It Is Only Rarely That Groundhogs Active in the Day Will Be Rabid
It is not disputed that rabid groundhogs can be found active in the day, the situation is rare. In fact, most rabid groundhogs do not survive for a long time before they will die. For that reason, it is rare to find groundhogs moving around in the day due to rabies infection.

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