What Should I Do With A Groundhog After I Catch It?

Catching groundhog is one of the most difficult problems in wild animal control, but if you have already succeeded in trapping this smart and intelligent North American rodent, you have solved the problem halfway. You have only succeeded in getting away one part of the problem relating to groundhog by trapping it. The second problem which is also challenging is what to do with groundhog when you catch it on your trap. This post is focused around providing you information on the best way to handle groundhog you found in your humane cage trap.

Decide On the Best Place to Relocate Groundhog Trapped
If you just sight groundhog inside your cage trap, the thing you will start to think about is what to do with the animal. The first thing you should thinking and decide about is the right place to relocate the animal since it is not advisable to kill the animal in the trap. Think of the bushy wool with water sources to increase the chance of the animal surviving. Make sure that you take some time to take this decision putting lots of factors into consideration.

Ensure the Place Is Government Approved For Wild Animal Relocation
While you are deciding on where to relocate the groundhog trapped in your cage, you should avoid taking the animal to areas with human inhabitation. This is to avoid putting people around the area to risk of groundhog infestation. Also, make sure that you find government approved areas for wild animal relocation and take the animal to the place. This will save you from getting into trouble.

Remove the Attractant around Your Home to Avoid Return of Groundhog
Another thing about groundhog relocation is that it must be done with mind of not allowing the animal return back to the sight of capture. Ensure you avoid giving the animal chance to return back to your home. Just check around for the things attracting wild animal to your home and get rid of such things and the animal will be discourage from coming around your house.

Engage in House Repair to Scare Groundhog Away
Proper house repair is needed when you discover presence of groundhog. Also, after capturing and relocating, you should carry out repairs on your house to close down the entrance and exit of the animal into your property. If it is your garden that is being affected with groundhog, you can go ahead and fence the entire garden using copper wire.

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