What Is Groundhog’s Natural Diet, and How Does It Get It?

Groundhogs are herbivores in nature and can be regarded as pure vegetarians. They feed mainly on green veggies and can easily be attracted to areas with large supply of green vegetables. That is mainly the reason they mostly get attracted to your garden and the things inside your garden. They can cause serious damages to your crops, and other plants in your garden, backyard and other parts of your property if you allow them to gain access to them. That is the reason you should never give them chance to come anywhere near your garden even for one day.

Groundhogs Feed On Soft Fruits
Fruits are main source of foods for groundhogs. They do not just go for any how fruits but to the ripped soft fruits. They can feed on tomatoes and other fruits found in the wild and in the garden. The readiness of groundhogs to feed on fruits is the main reason they cause serious damages to the things in the garden. In fact, if you want to trap groundhogs in your cage trap, you can make use of soft fruit as your bait. The animal will likely be lured to your home when it finds fruits scattered all around.

Green Vegetables Are Among the Main Diets of Groundhogs
Another thing diet groundhogs mainly feed on is green vegetables. They feed on virtually vegetable that is green. Also, they can feed on grasses, leaves as well as other forms of vegetables. You should never allow groundhogs anyway around you to avoid the damages they cause. On how the animals usually get their diet, the do not have to work so hard to get their foods mainly during the raining season when there are lots of green leaves and vegetables in the woods.

Groundhogs Can Get Attracted To Your Pet Foods
Your pet foods can be a source of attraction to groundhogs around your home. They will like to snack on the foods you kept for your pets. Since the usually get more active during the night, they can come around your home if there are pet foods scattered around.

Groundhogs Usually Feed On Nuts, Fruits and Even Green Grasses
Groundhogs do not suffer lack of foods due to their ability to feed on virtually all kinds of vegetables. Finding themselves around your home, they can learn to feed on any other kind of vegetable food sources to survive.

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