What is a groundhog's mating habits, when do they have babies, how do they raise their young?

Groundhog is short-legged rodent native in North America. Groundhog baby life starts underground right inside their burrow made by their mother. The mother always takes time to prepared birthing den using soft grasses to line the den. This is to keep their babies comfortable and safe. While groundhog burrows are made up to 80 feet long, the birthing chamber is normally only just about 3 times the length of the mother. Also, the burrow is made to provide warmth making it easy for the mother groundhog to keep their baby close by.

The Mating Habit of Groundhog
Mother groundhog usually has about 10 babies at a time. But most times they usually get about 3-6 babies. The babies are known as pups or kits and also known as cubs. When the baby groundhog is fully grown it can be called as Whistle-pigs or woodchucks. The newborn baby groundhog is pink, entirely hairless and usually about the size of a matchbox. The ears of baby groundhog are usually folded with their eye lids open. The pulps usually rely on the milk of the mother for their first three weeks. The eyes usually open for after four weeks of their birth. After 44 days the baby groundhogs are weaned for them to survive without their mother milk.

When Groundhog Usually Have Babies
The mating season of groundhog usually start from February when the males usually come out of hibernation to look for the female for mating to start. They also usually continue to mating till spring when they female usually give birth to their babies after gestation period of 32 days.

How Groundhog Normally Raise Their Young
Groundhog usually cares for their young ones for 42 days using milk before they will allow them to survive by themselves. The mother normally make birthing den for their young ones to get comfort and warmth needed to survive. When the baby groundhog fully grows, they normally go their separate ways away from their mothers.

How Groundhog Usually Bring Up Their Babies
Groundhog is among the wild animals that usually care for their young ones. They female are always protective about their young supplying them with the needed food after they are weaned. The care provided to groundhog babies by their mother is among the reason for their high survival rate.

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