Where Do Groundhogs Live? Do More Groundhogs Live In the Urban or Wild?

Groundhog is a heavy-set short-legged marmot with brownish fur streaked with gray. This animal is known to be native in the North American but has spread almost all parts of the world. You can now find this animal in various parts of the world including some parts of Europe and others. One may be forced to ask where this animal usually live or whether they live more in the urban or wild areas due to their enormous numbers in the urban areas in most states within the United States.

Reasons Groundhogs Live Mostly In the Urban Areas
There are several reasons groundhog popular continue to upsurge in the urban areas. Their population in the urban areas is affected with some features. You can easily find large population of groundhog in the United States partly due to the fact that some states counted them among the protected wild animal species. This is not to say they do not still exist in the wild where they usually find large quantity of natural foods.

There Are Greater Number of Groundhogs in the Wild than In the City
Even as there is large number of groundhogs in the urban areas, their popular is still more in the wild where they are made to be. They little population of groundhogs found in the urban areas within the United States are mostly the ones that are chased out of their natural habitat due to human activities. Being core vegetarians, groundhogs prefer staying around the wild where they will always find large supply of fruits, vegetables and other green food sources. Therefore, there is still higher population of groundhogs in the wild than in the city.

Population of Groundhogs in the Urban Areas Depend On the Country
There is high population of groundhogs in the urban areas within the United States. But, when it comes to some other parts of the world, you may not really find such thing. There are lots of reasons to this, the first being that the animal originated in North American where the environment is more conducive for them than in other places. In that regard, the population of groundhogs in the urban areas differs depending on the country.

Groundhogs Prefer Places with High Food Sources
Groundhog lives mostly in the wild where there is large supply of their foods. If they discover large supply of food sources around urban areas they can move to feed on it.

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