Is it safe to handle a skunk with bare hands?

Skunks are the mammals and they have got a specific ability that they spray a liquid carrying a very strong odor. This character of skunks makes them a very dangerous creature but because of this feature they have also become vulnerable themselves. That is why when the people catch them or even see them from far away distances, they consider the animal a threat and try to kill it at once. There are various species of skunks and these species vary mostly in their body colors and the patterns on their fur. Usually the skunks are black and white in appearance and sometimes they are in the combination of brown and cream color. However they also change their colors especially when they give warning signals.

First of all it is important to devise the best and safest possible ways of trapping the skunks. Usually people go for lie trapping of skunks in their live traps and cages.

Using the traps to capture skunks
The skunks can be captured by using two different kinds of traps. One type is of the live traps in which the animal is caught live and then you can either relocate it or get rid of it by killing.

On the other hand the second kind of traps will help you in directly killing the skunk. Whether you use the live traps for catching the skunks or you use the traps for direct killing of the skunk, in both the cases you need to get the permit because killing or even trapping a wild animal goes against the laws of wildlife maintenance.

Therefore it is better to abide by the laws and perform the task of handling and killing the skunk according to law. The most important aspect is the handling of a skunk while you are doing with it. It is very dangerous and you should never ever handle a skunk with bare hands. Skunks are notorious for spraying the fluid when they threatened or when they sense any kind of danger. This is their defensive weapon and they use it when in danger. Therefore when you are holding the skunk and going to get rid of it, the animal will definitely react. Therefore it is better to take the precautionary measures and get rid of the skunk in a proper way so that you may not be harmed.

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