Is it safe to handle a snake with bare hands?

For most of us living near the forest, there are high chances that we likely encounter a snake in our home. If this would be the case in one of these days, do you consider yourself ready for it? Do you think you have the capability to catch the snake? If the answer is no, you would want to go through this article so you can have at least an ample knowledge on how to catch a snake.

Snake catching for dummies
There are simple ways and techniques to catch a snake even if you are no professional snake catcher. Sometimes, all you need are a good reflex and a firm mind to think properly in hazardous times like this. Always remember that you have the ability to do risks, especially, if you think that you will only be more in jeopardy if you do not do something to take care of it.

How to be a snake catcher dummy?
If you do not have the proper tools to catch a snake, do not fret, there is always something inside your home that you can use in catching a snake when in vain:

• Immediately look for a large old shirt or towel, throw it in the snake’s head to cover his eyes.
• Hurdle with the snake on top of the towel and grab it on the head.
• Once caught in the head, put it in a sack or in a pillowcase.
• Close the sack or pillowcase properly.

Dare to catch a snake in bare hands?
Frankly speaking, it may be possible to hold the snake in bare hands, however, bear in mind that snakes are easily provoked and some of them are also venomous. Therefore, if you are entirely sure that the snake is not venomous, then I believe you can handle it with your bare hands (if you are courage able enough to do so). If not, it is always better to use or wear thick gloves before handling a snake.

Venomous snakes should never be handled in bare hands
Under no circumstances, it is advisable to hold a snake using bare hands. Doing so will only put yourself in harm and greater danger. Some of the venomous snakes that should never be handled in bare hands are the examples below:

• Copperhead snake
• Cottonmouth snake
• Diamondback rattlesnake
• Coral snake Is it safe to handle a snake with bare hands?

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