Is It Safe to Handle Wild Animal with Bare Hands?

Even domestic animals like cats and dogs are not always comfortable to be touched by strangers let alone wild animals. Some wild animals can be extremely aggressive and some may not be aggressive but can only bite when they think that is their only chance to get free from your hostage. For that reason, you should avoid handling wild animal with bare hand as that can result to bite and scratch which can lead to some bacteria, fungi and even virus diseases. Therefore, if you are asking whether or not it is safe to handle wild animal with bare hands the answer is No!

Wild Animal Bite Can Result To Rabies

You may not be able to tell rabid wild animal from a non rabid wild animal. For that reason you may not know whether the wild animal you are planning to handle with your bare hands is rabid or not. Rabies is a serious disease that normally affects the central nervous system and it can easily be transmitted to human. One of the best ways to get rabies is through animal bite which it obvious for you to know what you are bargaining for when you try to handle wild animal with bare hand.

Most Wild Animals Are Host to Bacteria and Fungus

Wild animals like opossum, raccoons, rats, mice, coyotes and others can get into anywhere including in the dustbin or garbage cans. For that reason, they can easily carry dangerous bacteria on their body which can be transferred to you when you handle them with your bare hands. The bacteria or fungi transferred to you from wild animal body can cause serious disease you may find difficult to cure.

Handling Skunks with Bare Hand Can Result To Odorous Spray

Apart from the fact that skunks do bite and transmit rabies, scratch you with finger nails or even transfer bacteria from the body the animal is notorious in causing odorous spray to the victim. So, if you are not ready to deal with odors from skunk spray for many days you should tray as much as possible to avoid handling skunks with your bare hands. In fact avoid coming too close to this animal.

Never Handle Any Wild Animal with Bare Handles for Your Own Safety

If you love yourself and want to continuously enjoy health and wellness you should avoid handling wild animal with bare hands. There are many more diseases associated with wild animal bite which made it important to avoid handling wild animal with bare hands.

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