Should I Hire a Pro, or Remove Bat Myself?

If you have serious bat infestation, you can easily wonder whether it is better to handle the problem yourself or to hire a pro. But the truth is that if you know what you are doing getting rid of bat will not give you a headache. The only thing you should avoid is killing bat when you want to handle the issue yourself as that can result to breaking of law due to the fact that bats are protected wild animal species. For that reason, if you know you will not be patient to remove bat through some humane method, you better hire a licensed bat removal and safe yourself from problem.

The First Thing to Do When You Want To Remove Bat Yourself
The truth is that bat removal is not really difficult when you have professional guide and instruction on how to do it. The very first thing you should do is to take some time and find out the gap, holes or openings through which they gain access to your property. Due to their tiny sizes they can easily enter into your property through a very small hole that is ½ inches in size. Your successes in fining the holes will determine your success in removing them from the hole.

Make Sure You Pre-Close the Holes through Which the Entered
Since bats live together in large number, they can get into your property through different means. For that reason, you have to take time to close down most of the entry points. Close down most of the entry points will give you chance to control them and channel them through only few of even a single entire point.

Go Ahead and Exclude Bat from Your Property
After pre-closing some openings for the bat, you have to mount your excluding device which can be one-way funnel exclusion or netting exclusion device. The aim of this device is to make sure you only create one-way exit point for the bat without allowing them to return back to your property.

Hire a Professional If You Do Not Have Time to Remove Bat Yourself
Hiring a professional will be an option for you when you do not have enough time to concentrate and exclude bats yourself from your property. The licensed bat removal you contacted will know the best way to remove bat from your home and provide you with bat free home for a longer period of time.

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