Should I hire a professional or remove the skunk myself?

Why do you need to remove the skunk?
Usually, skunks are placed in the same class as pests and occasionally digging when hunting for hunts. Most of the time, you will find people complaining of skunks living under deck or porch or under their houses, skunk spraying on the dog or vicinity, skunks digging in their yards or loans or skunk falling down the window well or basement.

The question arises on how to remove the skunk found in the areas mentioned above. Most people may find themselves in dilemma on whether to hire the professional or remove the skunk by themselves. The reason may be that most people, if not all, include pets are not pleased with the skunk’s pray or, a person may not know the best method to remove the skunk and how to avoid being sprayed on by the skunk.

The choice is yours
Below, we have discussed skunk removal, both hiring of the professional to remove the skunk and the best method which you may apply on removing the skunk by yourself.

Removing the skunk yourself
The best method to remove the skunk is to trap it in live cage traps and relocate it very far away from your garden or compound. This is always very safe, easy to do and very effective in comparison to killing the skunk. The traps are made in such away that they prevent the skunks from raising their tails and spraying. If you trap the skunk and relocate it away, a distance of five miles, this is a solution to your skunk problem.

Setting the trap
Use a large cage raccoon sized trap. Set the trap in the areas you have set the skunk and bait the trap with cat food and cover the trap.

Hiring a professional
In some situations, you may be forced to hire a professional to remove for you the skunk. An example of such situation is when the law governing the wild animal prevents you fromremoving the skunk by yourself.

Another example is when the skunk has fallen down or interferes with the window well or basement, it is advised to call a professional to snare it back for you. At this situation, you can also place a wooden board down the window basement for the skunk to climb out.

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