Will homeowners’ insurance pay for pigeon damage?

It is certain that once pigeons invade your home, they will not leave that place as it was before. Damages such as tampering with the ventilation system, the roof as well as ceiling among others will be expected. With this reason, some homeowners resolve to insure their homes but do these home insurance companies cover pigeon related damage? Home insurances do differ with their policies depending on the companies’ terms and conditions.

• Churchchill and Direct line

For this company, they exclude all damage as a result of vermin. These include any birds harmful to crops as well as wild mammals or animals that are believed to carry disease such as foxes, insect pests and rodents. Pigeons are birds that are believed to have the potential to transmit disease such as Salmonella and therefore damages done by them will not be covered by this company. However, they will take responsibility in the event that a stray domestic animal like a dog or a cat has caused the damage.

• Other home insurance companies

There are companies that are more complex. They will gladly come in when it comes to covering damage done by wild animals like foxes. These companies, however, will at no cost cover damage done by small animals like the likes of rats nor will they also cover damage done by birds in this case pigeons.

• Those that cover.

There are a few companies that would still cover pigeon damage. However, there are limits given to these damages. As much as you would want the home insurance companies to through for you in this matter, the best solution becomes putting up measures to prevent the birds from having access to your home and its different compartments in the first place. Simple preventive measures such sealing of cracks in the walls and erecting spikes at perching points will go a long way in eliminating the problem from occurring.

• Alternative methods.

Since it is not always that the insurance company will pay for damages, you might consider involving a pest control company to correct the damage even as they commit to remove the birds. If you think of it, this method is way cheaper as the fee for the damage is just paid. For the insurance, however, the payments are constant and they may not come through for you in a manner that feels satisfying.

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