How to inspect a house for bat entry holes

If you are reading this, you are probably having a bat issue in your home and are eager to keep them out. Before we tackle the issue of how to find the entrances, we need to understand how they get in.

How do bats get into the home?
Because they like dark places, you will probably find them in an attic or basement. Basements though are not so attractive to them because they have to fly down. Generally they will get into spaces that are well above ground level. But, do not rule anything out.

• They will use holes that have already been created by other animals like bats and squirrels.
• They will use spaces within the structural architecture of your house. For instance, roofline spaces.
• Any cracks that are in your house will also provide entrance doors for them
• Open windows also create a great entrance for the bats.

How do we go about inspecting these entrances?
Because of the flexibility of bats, some entrances may be too small to notice outright. Here are tips on how to establish bats entrances:

• During the day, check for big openings like windows, rat doors and big cracks.
• At dusk, listen for the bats and establish where the noises are coming from, following the noises will point out to their exit points. Note these points as you will need to seal them off when getting rid of them.
• By use of a strong headlight, shine light through all possible house seams, including rooflines. Observing if the light will shine through into the attic will notify you of an opening on the points you shine the light through.
• Check service line entrances too. For instance telephone and electricity line entrances; these too may have some spaces and could allow for bats to squeeze in through.

What do I do after establishing the entrances?
• You can seal the entrances yourself.
• By use of professional services, the job can be done for you.
• You may decide to do a major renovation to your house to ensure your house never harbors any more bats.

Final thought
They may be fun to watch, but when it comes to damage in your home, the costs may be too high. That is why we advise that you try as much as is possible to keep these mammals away from your home.

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