How big do raccoons get?

A Raccoon is a small mammal considered as pest with mask like black stripe across the eye. They are nocturnal animals and highly intelligent. They are commonly found in the North America and Europe. They live traditionally on wood, trees, water and in vegetation. Traditional raccoon have a highly adaptive features to different climatic environments. They live in the hollow of trees and burrows, while they feed on any available food.

How Do Raccoon Behave?

Like other family, typical raccoon behave similar to other nocturnal mammals. They perform more activities at night like other nocturnal procyonidae family, most especially in the spring, waterfalls etc. They live freely at average ages between twelve to fourteen years. Tropical raccoon lives in colony i.e. in group to prevent attacks from predators. One bitter fact about raccoon is the carrier of rabbies which is so detrimental to domestic life. The black fur covering the masklike eyes help the animal to improve its vision at night because of its nocturnal nature and also aids it’s glaring ability. The five fingers enable hard grasp of food and adjustment in feeding, as well as other objects it's catches. They are highly sensitive to touch and mostly habitat in the tropical areas.

A tropical adult raccoon have a similar procyonidae family size body of about 24 to 34 inches at a maximum body size and the largest of the family, with an average weight of 14-23Ibs. This may hence, depends on the habitat and also the availability of food in their habitat. The female raccoon, known as sow have a simpler and average body size compared to the male adult which has a larger body size.

Common Location

Raccoon are commonly found in the North America, United States and some part of Southern America. Some of its common predators includes the bobcats and coyotes.

How big do raccoons get?

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