How Do I Clean Wild Animal Feces Out Of My Attic

Dealing with wild animal in the attic is in two phases and these are removing the animals to avoid more damages and cleaning up the feces and urine to avoid contamination and diseases. You must know the best way to deal with wild animal feces in your attic in order to avoid putting yourself, children and even pets to danger. For that reason, this article is dedicated to provide you with information on how to clean wild animal feces out of the attic safety and easily.

Protect Yourself Property While You Clean Up Wild Animal Feces from Attic

The first thing should be to protect your body properly when you want to clean and remove wild animal feces from your attic. Protect your nose and mouth from the dust getting in with the use of mask. Also, you have to protect your body by wearing special cloth made for cleaning agents. Put on your hand glove and wear your booth. All these are to ensure your body does not get contaminated with the wild animal feces to avoid infection.

Use Vacuum Pump to Vacuum the Feces in the Attic

If you are sure your body is completely protected and covered you have to start cleaning with vacuum pump. Vacuum the attic to remove all the small feces particles here and there the attic as well as the dust and contaminated air in the attic. That will give you opportunity to reduce the feces before applying another cleaning method to ensure complete cleanliness of your attic.

Remove Debris and Large Droppings by Hand in the Attic

Depending on the wild animal feces you are cleaning, you may not be able to remove all the feces with vacuum pump. For that reason, you may require to remove the large droppings and debris with your hands. Since you are wearing rubber glove you do not have to worry about contamination as the glove will completely protect you from the feces.

Use Electric Powered Atomizing Mist Machine to Fog the Attic

Now you need to make use of electric powered atomizing mist machine to effectively fog the entire attic to ensure complete cleanliness. The fogging is among the most important aspect of the cleaning as it will help to sterile the entire place against bacteria, virus and fungi that have already started to habit the feces and the area. You will also need enzyme based chemicals to ensure the entire place is free from any germs after cleaning.

How Do I Clean Wild Animal Feces Out Of My Attic

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