How to Keep Wild Animals Out Of Your Property

Have raccoons turned your yard into toilet and you are wondering the easier way to stop them and claim your property back? Are you thinking of the best way to remove wild animals in your garden to save your garden produce from being damaged completely? Or you just discover digging in your lawn and you are thinking of how to stop skunks and opossum from digging around your property? Peradventure these are your issues, you are not to bother further as this article is about to provide you with the information you need.

Keep Your Garbage in a Hidden Place to Avoid Wild Animal Infestation

Your garbage is one of the things that can easily attract wile animals to your property. Raccoons, opossum and others can easily snack out of your substance in your garbage. That is why you must keep your garbage can away from their sight to prevent them from coming around in the first place. You simply store your garbage in garage where wild animals will not easily access at any point in time. If you do not have hidden space to store your garage can you have to tightly close the lid and place heavy wood on top to avoid wild animal access into it.

Clean Up Bellow Bird Feeders to Discourage Wild Animals in Your Property

Wild animals always love to have hidden space in any place they want to go. This is to ensure their protection and security while searching for foods around. Under your bird feeder can enough hidden space for wild animals. So, to avoid infestation you have to clean up under your bird feeder, cut down the tall tree branches that are touching your fence and roof.

Use Predator Urine to Deter Wile Animals in Your Garden or Yard

Keeping wild animal from your property will be easier with the help of predator urine. Majority of wild animals always move away from any place they are just with slight sign of their predator. That means you will be able to keep raccoons from dwelling in your yard just by deterring the animal with predator urine.

Trap the Wild Animal with Humane or Lethal Trap

Depending on the wild animal species you are dealing with, you can decide either to catch them with humane or lethal trap. But your decision should be based on the legislation on the wild animal concerning trapping, relocation and killing. Just know that killing wild animal with lethal trap is inhumane and may not guarantee permanent solution to wild animal infestation.

How to Keep Wild Animals Out Of Your Property

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