How to kill iguanas

It is not advisable to kill the wild animals. You only need to notice them, and

• Look for alternative options
• Take it to the wild call animal control
• Take them to safety

If you do not, have any other option, you can invest in the traps, guns, or knives, however, it is hard for you to kill the iguana since it is strong and the skin is very rough. The animal gets violent and may end up hurting you once they sense any form of danger. You can opt to invest in a professional exterminator and this enables you to kill it instantly.

Use traps

The only way to get rid of an iguana is by using the traps. It is not easy to capture the iguana since they run away once the sense they are in danger. You can opt to use the traps, and this means they shall step on it, and this leads to the instant death. Choose the traps, which are effective and strong to hold an iguana.

Focus on instantaneous methods

Killing an iguana is not easy. You need to capture it, and this leads to the killing process. You can opt to shoot it with a gun, and it shall die immediately. Some opt to kill it with a large stone on the head. At times, you can opt to use a knife, or invest in a strong plastic bag, for suffocation. Whichever method you choose, ensure it is pain free, and will not lead to suffering.

Ensure the animal does not suffer

If you want to kill the iguana, then you need to do it fast so that it does not suffer. Some people want to kill these animas only to find they are not that easy to kill. They can stay alive for many hours after you have given them the poison. This means that it remains in pain for so long and it pains anyone to watch an animal in pain. When it comes to using the poisons, you need to focus on choosing the one that is instant. This means the iguana shall ingest it, and within a few minutes, it shall die. Know the dealers who have the reputation of selling the instantaneous poisons. Alternatively, you can opt to kill it with a sword or a knife. This way you shall not worry about it staying in pain for long. Choose the method you find ideal, so long as the iguana shall not suffer.

How to kill iguanas

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