How to trap iguanas

If you notice the single sight of an iguana, you need to embark on the extraction and trapping process immediately. This is the only way, which shall lead you to get good results. Some people have found it hard to get the right results and this limits them from addressing the issue immediately. At the end of the day, it is all about investing in the correct method, which is effective, and will clear the iguana issue from your compound completely.

Capture them before the nesting season

When the iguanas start to next, each female lays over seventy eggs, and this is a huge number of young ones. Once this season has past, you are sure to have loads of iguanas in your compound. You need to take the correct decision, which is to eliminate them from your compound instantly, and this is by using different methods.

Destroy the lawn

You find the iguanas as animals, which destroy the lawn. This means you do not have peace in your compound since they are all over the place. This makes it harder for you to tend the garden and in other cases, they are scary and this makes it harder for your children to play. You want to make sure you invest in the elimination methods easily, for an opportunity of getting lasting results.

Use one-way traps

When it comes to investing in the traps, you need to make sure you use the correct one. This means the traps, which shall not harm them, but will lead them to safety. This has come in hand for people who have loads of iguanas, and they need to capture them. When you use the cage traps, you capture them instantly and you can take them out of your compound into the wild.

Focus on lasting results

You can eliminate the iguanas from your home but this does not mean you have the problem solved. You can opt to deal with the very best offers, but this means you need to have a good understanding about the iguanas. It all starts when you take time to look at the lasting results. When you do this, you hardly need to worry since you shall eliminate the problem. Common methods include:

• Using repellants
• Cover all food sources
• Destroy the eggs
• Invest in traps

When you use the above methods, you shall always remain a step ahead and this gives you a good opportunity to keep the iguanas off your compound. Once you spot one of them, you need to activate the elimination methods immediately.

How to trap iguanas

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