What are some humane ways to kill a armadillo in a cage?

Before you decide to get rid of armadillos that you have caught in cage by killing it, we recommend you to consider relocating the animal. Relocating wild animals is always better than killing the animals. However, if you are too lazy to relocate the animal, you are left with nothing else than calling wildlife professionals or killing the animal. The latter one is the cruelest way to get rid of the animal. However, if the armadillo you have caught seems to be sick, you should kill it. Almost every state allows killing armadillos without needing a permission to do such a thing. This comes from the fact that armadillos aren’t endangered animals and that they transmit various diseases.

Pain in the Neck
Dealing with armadillos can sometimes be pain in the neck. Catching armadillos is hard for many people. And the worst part about catching armadillos is not knowing what to do with the animal once you have caught it. This is why we encourage you to set up lethal armadillo traps on your property if you have armadillo problem. You should especially set lethal armadillo traps if there were reports of armadillos in your area carrying leprosy. However, if you don’t want to set a lethal trap, you can set a cage trap for your armadillo and kill it inside the cage. You will have to set the cage trap in areas where armadillos are most frequent on your property. Once you have caught an armadillo and you want to get rid of the animal by killing it instantly, there are several options for you. We will discuss those instant methods of killing an armadillo now.

Asphyxiation is one of the best ways to kill an armadillo in the cage. It will bring the armadillo instant death and make the animal not suffer at all. To kill an armadillo by asphyxiation, you should place the cage containing an armadillo in an airtight container. Then, connect the container to carbon monoxide source.

Lethal Injection
Lethal injection is the best and quickest ways to kill a wild animal like armadillo. Keep in mind that you aren’t allowed to give a lethal injection if you aren’t a licensed vet. Only licensed vets can give lethal injections to nuisance wildlife animals such as armadillos and other wild animals.

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