What Are Some Humane Ways to Kill a Groundhog in a Cage?

Groundhog is among the most disturbing and damage causing North American rodent. It does cause series of damages to homeowners to the extent that some people are always looking for a way to trap, get rid of or even eliminate them completely. While poisoning is not a welcomed approach for wild animal removal most people usually go back to humane trapping as a way to solve their problem. After you have succeeded in catching groundhog, the next thing to consider is what to do with it. If you have considered killing the animal in the cage, you need to consider the humane way to kill the animal to satisfy your conscience.

Hit Strong Wood on the Head of Groundhog in Cage to Kill It
Groundhog in your cage trap is just at your mercy to survive or died. You are the one to decide whether you want it to live by relocating it or die by killing it. When you want to kill it humanely you should choose the best humane approach that will make the animal die immediately. The best way to make sure the animal die immediately, just hit the animal strongly on the heat using a sturdy wood or iron.

Pierce the Rib with Sharp Knife to Have the Groundhog in Cage Killed
If you do not want to kill the groundhog using strong or sturdy wood on the head to kill it, you can also use sharp knife to pierce the ribs in order to make sure the animal die without struggle. Make sure that you locate the side of the body where the internal organs are close to pierce and ensure instant death without wasting time.

Submerge the Animal in the Water to Have It Killed
Even if groundhogs are expert in swimming, they cannot survive so long while submerge under the water together with the humane cage. In that regard, when you submerge the animal inside the water, you will be sure of having the animal drowned. The groundhog will not struggle so much before it will die inside the water.

Suffocate the Groundhog in Cage to Kill It
Suffocating groundhog in your cage trap is another humane way of killing the animal. Just cover the animal together with the cage trap and the animal will die without wasting time. The exciting thing with this is that you can be sure of having the animal died and dispose the carcass in a proper way.

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