What Are Some Humane Way To Kill Raccoon In A Cage?

Raccoon in a cage can look helpless and pitiful but you must know that the animal still has the ability to cause damages to you after you release it. So, you can consider solving the problem permanently by killing the animal. Obviously, there is no humane way of killing a wild animal the only thing here is that some killing methods are more inhumane than other. It is also important for you to consider your states regulation about killing raccoons so as to avoid attractive huge fine to yourself.

Kill the Raccoon in Trap through Shooting
Shooting is one of the most effective and efficient way of killing raccoon and it is fairly humane. But you must be a hunter or learn firearm in order to know the best way to shoot raccoon in your cage. Just shoot it straight to the head and the animal will die ones without having to struggle for life. Nevertheless if you are not experienced in firing projectile you should not try using this option as it can result to injuries to you.

Use Knife or Sword to Kill Raccoon in a Cage
You can make use of your knife or sword to kill raccoon in cage. The part of the body where you piece the knife or sword will determine how it will die. If you piece the knife or sword right in the rib cage close to the heart and liver it will die without much struggle. But, you should be careful not to put your finger or toes near the cage while killing raccoon in cage with sword or your knife so as to avoid bite.

Take It to Wool to Die There
Taking the animal to wool will be among the ways to kill it but it is not humane at all as the animal will dehydrate, struggle and die there. But, if you do not know how to handle firearm and you cannot behold the struggle of the animal while killing it with sword, taking it to the wool to die away from your sight can still be okay.

Drown Raccoon in a Cage
Drowning raccoon in a cage is the most popular method most people normally use to kill the animal. But, is not a humane way as the animal will have to struggle and struggle before it will die inside the water. If that is the last option you think will work, you can still go for it.

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