What are some humane ways to kill a rat?

It is very difficult to trap the rats and it is even more difficult and almost impossible to trap the rats which are shy of the cages and traps. Therefore there remains only one way of getting rid of them and that is you get rid of them by killing them. It is suggested normally by people to install many traps at a time and wait for a chance for any rat to get trapped in these traps so that you can finally get rid of them. However there is still a kind of rats which do not go near these traps even if you put very tempting bait in these traps.

Strategy for cage shy rats
There is a category of rats which are very shy of cages and traps and they even do not go near these traps. The most difficult task is to get rid of them because they will keep on wandering around your house serving to be the continuous source of contamination and infestation. Therefore certain suitable strategies should be adopted in order to catch these rats and kill them. After you catch them, you have then to look for the most humane and less painful way of killing these rats.

Killing the rats
After all rats are also living beings and they also have soul. Therefore it is recommended to kill them in a very humane way and to find out the least painful way to the maximum possible extent. Certain professionals have given the possible ways of killing the rats in the most humane way. One of these ways is to just strike them on their head with a hard thing. Rats have got a very delicate skull and they can be beaten only by a single blow of any hard object. This will make their brain go disconnected with rest of the body finally resulting in the killing of the rodent.

Success rate in killing the rats
Although many people argue with killing of the rats even if it is done in the most humane way. But the fact is that it is the most suitable way of killing them. You can have the surety of getting of the rats only when you kill them because the relocated rats have got an equal chance of coming back to their previous territory and then you can get the same issues of infestation with them. However with this method you can be sure of getting rid of them permanently and finally can also get away from the infestation spread by them.

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