What are some humane ways to kill a rodent?

Killing Rodents is Never Entirely Humane
A mice or rat infestation at your home can be just a simple nuisance at best, but at worst it can be a health hazard. Now, killing mice and rats can never be entirely humane, but there are several ways how you can kill those animals without making them experience a painful death.

Before you proceed with killing rats and mice, you should check your country’s laws or your state’s laws is it legal for you to kill such animals. If yes, continue with reading this text as we are about to tell you some humane ways how to kill rodents such as rats and mice.

Killing Them Using Spring Traps
Spring traps are probably the most humane traps that kill rats and mice. Spring traps, which are also known as snap traps, are more humane traps than glue traps and electric traps. One thing you should know about spring traps is that they still cause pain to rats and mice that get caught in them. However, spring traps don’t make rats and mice suffer because they kill rats and mice almost instantly.

Setting Up Spring Traps
To set up a spring trap aka snap trap, you will need to place your rodent trap bait within an area specified for that, leaving the rest of the spring trap clean.

Once you place the bait in your spring trap, place it at right angles to your walls. And after you place your snap traps, it is a must for you to check them regularly.

Shooting the Animal
Another humane, but extremely risky way of killing mice and rats in a humane way is shooting them. You are only allowed to shoot rodents and kill them humanely if you are already skilled with guns and firearms. You should be aware that your chances of killing a rodent with only one shot are small, i.e. you will most likely have to shoot at the rodent for a couple of times to kill it.

Now, you may ask yourself what type of firearm you can use to humanely kill a rodent. Well, the best firearms for killing rodents are small-caliber, low power guns. You can also use an air rifle for killing rodents.

Shooting the Rodent
To successfully shoot a rodent, you will have to corner the rodent. Once you make sure the rodent is cornered, point the gun at its head and shoot it in the head.

A shot in the head is most likely to kill the rodent instantly.

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