What are some humane ways to kill a skunk in a cage?

Skunks are known to invade homes to be a health hazard or nuisance. These animals can hamper lots of progressive projects that you may have in your yard. To curb the menace and stay skunk-free, you need to induce some pest control mechanisms that will chase the skunks away. The most commonly used and 100% effective method is using the live trap. This method will trap the animal then you will have a choice on what to do with it later on. Some humane killing methods include:

• Using asphyxiation by carbon dioxide
• Firing a projectile
• Using blunt force trauma to its head
• Break the neck

Carbon dioxide asphyxiation
This method is used to kill the skunk instantly by suppressing it with CO2. The skunk quickly passes out and eventually dies in a short while. Even though it is not an easy sail through method, it humanely kills skunks. You just have to place the skunk in an air tight cage and asphyxiate it.

Firing a projectile
This is the other method that will kill a trapped skunk humanely. By using a small caliber gun or any weapon that can shoot a projectile like a catapult, a bow, or a crossbow. Using a gun will work out well over the other methods. You need to place the critter in safe shooting environment and have a clear vision of it before executing it. Just ensure that you use the recommended safety measures and you work within the law.

Using blunt force trauma
One sudden and powerful blow form a blunt object like a hammer will destroy the skunk’s brain. This will aptly kill the animal in the shortest time possible even though it is very daunting and emotionally taxing. You can use the experience of a person who has done this before if you are not sure about it. It needs to be a single blow otherwise the entire process will be inhumane and protracted if you missed.

Breaking the neck
This technique ends the life of the animal without causing unnecessary pain. You can euthanize the skunk by holding down the neck firmly then sharply twist it. Ensure that you wear tough gloves and sleeves before using this method. This method kills the animal very shortly but you should expect some seizures as well. Again, you can use the expertise of an experienced person if you can’t do it.

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