What are some humane ways to kill a squirrel in a cage?

With so many ways for possible squirrel extinction, it is recommended that they are treated humanely even until after their death. Humane killing is the process of killing the any animal instantly. The objective is to inflict less pain and stress before, during, and after the killing process to both the killer and the possible spectator. On the killer, stress from this act can lead to more damages to both life and property due to trauma experienced. Spectators may be able to experience the same kind of trauma and gain fear from the instrument that led to the squirrel’s death.

Humane death criteria

A set of criteria must be met to be able to classify the humane killing of squirrels:

• It should be relaxed before the act.
• Act/s to turn them to the unconscious state followed by a blow leading to instant death.
• All acts can be replicated to the whole clan of squirrels.
• Negligible effect on the killers and/or the viewers

Given these criteria, there are several ways to humanely kill a squirrel.

Cranial dispatch
This is a method utilizing a solid instrument to hit the back of the head. Captive squirrels are released from the trap one by one and placed in a sealed sack. Before the blow, the squirrel should be visible on one side. Hold the sack in position through your foot to secure the position. See to it that the blows hit its back of the head.

It is recommended that the shooting is done with an air rifle. Before shooting the squirrel, it must be calm and still. Aiming for the corners of the trap is a technique that will ensure you hit the animal.

Options to avoid
It is tempting to kill caged squirrels using poisonous gases, drowning, or pouring boiling water over them. While it may be more convenient to execute squirrels given these options, we should be able to treat them as humanely as possible. It is a must to exercise humane killing with caution while following the above mentioned criteria. Humane killing should be accompanied by proper body disposal. Both killing and proper body disposal are tantamount to abiding the law of man and the law of nature.

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