An analysis of inhumane glue traps for rats

We may hat rats and really want them to be gone. However the choice to use glue traps may be one of the more inhumane ways of getting rid of rats. Before we come to a complete conclusion that they are not humane ways, we need to remember hear that a quick death is better than a slow one. Towards understanding why we conclude that glue traps are inhumane we need to learn how they work.

How do glue traps work
Glue traps are cardboard blocks that are mounted with strong glue that when a rat walks over, traps the rat and entangles it.

• Because they are placed on the rats’ route and are unnoticeable to the rats, rats will continue to walk by without detecting the danger involved.
• By stepping on the trap, the rat is stuck and in the ensuing struggle to free itself may tangle itself further and finally suffocate.
• Even if its body is not tangled and it suffocates, it may spend several days on the board and finally starve to death.

Why it is not humane.
A humane and efficient trap will kill the animal fast, or simply not kill it and the animal is set free. Unfortunately for the rat on a glue trap;

• Getting its body entangled in the glue will ensure that finally it will block its nose and mouth and hence suffocate. This is definitely not humane because it will die over a long period of time.
• Even if it is able to breath, it is stuck, and will eventually die of starvation and thirst. Obviously this will be over a period of time and not instantaneous.
• Even if a kind soul decides to rescue it, it may suffer mortal wounds from trying to remove the trap from its bodies. This too doesnot sound any kinder as it will be ill and maydie anyway.

Are there more humane ways to reduces rat populations?
• You can simply exclude them from your home by making it rodent proof.
• You can use live traps which trap the animal live and you can choose better places to get rid of them like in the woods.
• Or you could kill them in a faster manner like using snap rat traps.

Do we really need to get rid of rats?
You do. It will save you.

• Diseases
• Attracting dangerous animals like snakes.
• Contaminated food and drinks.

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