Will Homeowners Insurance Pay For Bat Damage?

There is high level of confusion when it comes to what homeowner insurance policy cover. Some policy stated the possible damages that are covered while some do not. The main confusion is caused by insurance companies in their bid to lure people into buying their insurance policy will not explain the policy vividly. Then when it comes to filing for claim they will then come up with opinion that a particular damage was not stated in the policy so not covered. Bat damages to home is sometime covered and not covered in some occasion base on lot of factors which you will learn about in this article.

Gradual Damages Caused By Bat Are Not Always Covered In the Homeowner Insurance
When it comes to homeowner’s insurance policy, there is always a clause that will either support claim on wild animal damages or not. In some of the policies the wild animals are mentioned while in some they are covered under a name called varmint which is not understandable to most policy holders. So, if you have bat infestation in your home and refuse to do something about it until there is damage the homeowner insurance will not cover the damages and you will be the one to pay for the repairs.

Why Bat Damages Are Not Covered In Insurance Policy
Damages caused by lack of maintenance to a house or other property are not always covered in homeowners insurance policy. So, since bat damages to homes are often caused by lack of property maintenance, they are not covered. For, that reason, the best thing for you to do when you have bat infestation is to handle it on time when it has not result to damages that will cause money to repair.

The Conditions When Bat Damages Can Be Covered In Insurance Policy
While homeowner insurance policy does not always cover bat damages, there is still exception to it. If other factors like wind remove your roof which gave room to bat to come and cause damages the homeowner insurance will pay for such damage.

Study Your Insurance Policy to Know If Bat Damages Are Covered Of Not
The most important thing is that you should make sure that you properly study your homeowner insurance policy as ask question to your insurance company on anything you do not understand. That will help you to understand more about the possible damages that are covered and the ones that are not.

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