How to Keep Wild Animals Out Of a Chicken Coop

You are going to stand chance of producing your own food and learning about animal behavior when you keep chicken coop in your backyard, but not without facing challenges. So, you must be ready to deal with wild animal infestation if you are planning to set up your chicken coop. Most wild animals love to eat eggs and some can even do anything to have chicken for dinner. Raccoons, coyote, bear and other wild animals can give you sleepless night if any of them identify your chicken and the eggs in your coop. So, here is the easier way to keep wild animals out of a chicken coop.

Make Sure You Always Padlock the Chicken Coop door Mostly at Night

Lots of wild animals take delight in feasting on chicken and eggs. For that reason most of them can do anything within their possible best to gain access to chicken coop. Raccoons with the dexterous fingers can easily open closed chicken coop doors which made it important for you to always padlock the doors mostly at night when raccoons and other wild animals normally come out to forage.

Erect Tall Fence with Some Inches Buried On the Ground

Another thing you med to remember to do when you want to keep wild animals out of a chicken coop are to erect tall fences. You can make use of wire mesh and ensure you burry some inches under the ground. That will help discourage the wild animal that will love to burrow through the ground to gain access to the chicken coop.

Make Use of Hot Wires for Your Chicken Coop If You Are In Bear Country

Apart from raccoons another devastating wild animal that can give you tough time when you have chicken coop is the bear. This animal is known for their high level of craving for chicken which and they can even demolish a house when they are sure they will be rewarded with chicken meal. So, if you are in the country where bears are common, you have to use hot electric wire to construct your chicken coop fencing. It will make it difficult for them to demolish.

Trap the Wild Animals and Relocate

Another way to deal with wild animal infestation in your chicken coop is trapping. Make sure you get good cage trap that can catch the animal you are targeting.

How to Keep Wild Animals Out Of a Chicken Coop

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