How to keep armadillos away from your property

While we have already covered every technique to get rid of armadillos, we need to focus on the main reason of this issue. Had we not allow them to enter in our premises or not grant them the opportunity to enter in any way, we will not be tackling resolutions for this. Unfortunately, they are a very clever creature so despite doing everything we can to get rid of them, they still have the audacity to stay. The best way to not go through these problems is of course to keep them away in the first place. How do we do that though? Let us find out!

Knowing armadillos
They say it is easier to know what the weaknesses of your enemy are before putting up a good battle with it. We have to know what the characteristics of these armadillos:

• They feed on spoiled meat and rotten fruits from anywhere it is obtainable. A good example where they can find it is of course in your trashcans located outside your front porch or under your sheds.
• They prefer bare land and fertile surroundings, sandy and loam soils
• They are omnivores, this means that they eat both meat and plants

Now that we know who this creature is, we probably figured out what their weaknesses are which makes it easier for us to identify what we need to do to keep them away from our premises.

Get rid of their food sources
In case it is not clear yet, we have to keep our trashcans or bins neat. Yes, it is a place for dirt, but that does not mean that there is no way for us to maintain its cleanliness.

• Throw the garbage as soon as it is already overflowing with rubbish. Specifically, spoiled mean and rotten fruits.
• Occasionally checkif the bin is covered properly.

Durable fences
If you find yourself being bombarded by armadillos, you might want to consider rechecking the fences you built or if you have not built any fences yet, you might want to go get yourself a fence as soon as possible.

• Get yourself a strong and durable fence.
• You can also use a steel wired fence
• Ensure that the fences are buried deep into the ground

Effectively keeping armadillos away
Since we are now fully aware that there are ways to prevent them from entering the premises, we need to bear in mind how to do these techniques properly. Otherwise, you will be suffering from major uninvited visitor issues again.

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