How to keep coyotes away from your property?

If you are living near or inside the wooded area, then there are possibilities that sometimes you may encounter the large wild animals other than innocent looking intruders and rodents. As far as the intrusion by coyotes is concerned, it is true that these are not only fierce looking animals but also sometimes prove to be very dangerous for humans and their pets as well. They may not cause any harm to the crops and farms but they are a real disaster for the human community and their pets. Therefore one must be very vigilant in taking care and adopting certain measures in order to keep these animals away from their property. You can adopt certain measures in this regard. As the coyotes are not small animals, therefore larger installations are required in order to keep them away from your property.

Protecting the open areas of house
Generally the coyotes cannot dig the ground and enter through the underground burrows and tunnels into your farms and house. Therefore you have to protect the farms and yards and pen areas of your house by building high fences. Building a fence around your garden is such a remedy which can considerably solve the problem of coyotes and can keep them from leaping into your yard or farms at night.

Using chemical repellents against coyotes
Although there are no such effective repellents which may be known to repel coyotes and can keep them away from your property. Still people rely on the orthodox mythologies regarding the use of repellents and fire around their houses so that these creatures can be kept away. Some people try using the eviction fluids around their houses while some others try lighting fire around their houses especially at night. These can be effective in repelling the coyotes. As the coyotes are nocturnal animals, therefore they can be effectively repelled by lighting he fire at night.

Building enclosures around the house
Building high enclosures around the house can also be effective because the coyotes cannot jump above than certain heights. If you build quite high enclosures around the house, then this can also prevent the coyotes from entering into the house and in this way they cannot cause any disturbance. Other than repellents it is advised to apply the physical methods for controlling the intrusion of coyotes and keep them away from the property. This is much better remedy.

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