How to keep the foxes away from your property

There are many techniques and methods that one could use to keep the animals off from their properties. It depends on the methods that one is possibly using to control the animals. Some methods are very complicated while some others are very simple to use and set up. The most common and recommended are;

• Trapping the animal if it is in your property
• Using the exclusion doors to keep the animals away
• Removing all the attracting factors that are making the animals come into your home
• Fencing the area

Removing all attractive factors
By removing all the factors that are attracting the animals to your place, then you could be doing a very big deal. The attractive factors are;

• Trash
• Animal feeds
• Open dens
• Bushes
• Pets. Particularly the small ones

All these are the things that will bring the foxes close to the human habitation. You need to very much destroy these factors at once or else, the problem of these foxes might turn into a real big disaster.

Trapping the animal on your property
Trapping might be the best solution if you spot the fox on your property. Trapping is humane and will not interfere with the animal activities only that the animal will be caged for a short time. There are some other traps that people will set that will kill the animal. This are not recommended. Never use a lethal trap to catch the animal.

You should fence all around your home in order you to achieve the desired effects. Keeping the fox away is not an easy thing as most of the people will make it seem, the fox is a cunning animal and will tend to escape the traps, therefore, the only thing that the animal will not avoid easily and will not penetrate are the fences.

Exclusion doors
Exclusion doors are other methods that you could use much to your advantage and get the animal out your property. They will only allow the animal to get out and never come back. However, they will be effective where the animal is inside the property.

These methods will help to effectively help you keep the animals out of your property and if they are already in the property, if you follow up these step then you will have the most out of you time in keeping these animals out.

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