How to Keep Groundhog Out of My Garden

Is groundhog disturbing your plant and fruits in the garden and you are wondering what to do? Have groundhogs caused serious damages to the things in your garden and you do not just know the best way to deal with the situation? Or you are thinking of how to get away groundhog that has been disturbing your garden? If these are what you want, you are going to get lasting solution through the information provided on this website. You are going to get hint on how to remove groundhog from your garden when you read to the end of this post.

Keep Groundhog Out Of Your Garden Using Fencing
Fencing is one of the most effective groundhog removal methods you need to know. To ensure effective result, you should design a fence with L shaped getting above the ground with some length buried inside the ground. This will help you to be sure of keeping ground hog from coming inside your property or garden for any reason.

Use Trapping Method to Get Rid of Groundhog in Your Garden
You can also keep groundhog from getting into your garden through the use of trapping method. There are various types of traps in the hardware store and you are to select the one that will suit your needs. You can go for cage trap to relocate the groundhog after catching. Also, you should ensure that you confirm the legislation of your area before choosing the trap that will suit your need.

Make Use of Eviction Fluid to Keep Groundhog Out OF Your Garden
Another way to keep groundhog out of your garden is with eviction fluid. The fluid is made with the urine of predator animal. So, when the groundhog perceives the urine of the predator it will sensed danger around and thereby move away quickly. This method is even effective for large population of groundhog coming into your garden.

Use Exclusion Device to Keep Groundhog Out Completely
If you do not want to use trapping, eviction fluid, or fencing you can get the desired result with exclusion device. The device will enable you allow groundhogs inside your garden to move away without being able to come in. This method is good to be combined with fencing method if you already have groundhogs inside your garden before fencing the garden. You will surely enjoy groundhog free garden when you make use of the methods provided here.

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