How to keep pigeon’s out of a barn.

The secret of keeping birds including pigeons may not necessarily be killing them. I mean, if you kill the birds in question but the conditions suitable to entertain the stay of birds is still retained, then be sure to expect a new set to replace them. They key is normally to make the place that you do not want them uncomfortable for them. As lovely as birds can be, they certainly come with irritations, if they happen to accommodate themselves in areas you might not want them. These problems would include very disturbing noises, an army of mites not mentioning their constant droppings. There are a couple of methods that you would use to keep pigeons away from your barns:

Use of physical barriers.
This method proves as the most effective method as it deals with the problem for once and for all. There are a number of equipment that will be used here:

• Perch repellent
• Bird net.
• Spike wire
• Sound machine.

With the equipment you are set to go. Set the bird net over the barn and other areas of concern around your barn in a manner that will keep the birds from establishing their nests there. Proceed by adding the spikes as this will prevent the birds from landing around your barn. Add a sound machine in your bard with a predator noise of your choice to scare the birds. Cover all landing sites with a perch repellent such that it is uncomfortable for pigeons and other birds to land.

Use of sound repellent
In this method, the noise that is used is that of a distressed bird. This method proves to be very effective if properly used. The sound units would normally run by the use of household current. The effectiveness of this method is that the machine produces noises of different volumes and frequencies such that the birds actually do not become accustomed to these distress noises. These noises that are not irritating to humans scare the birds away such that they think that that area is unsafe for them.

Visual Deterrents.
This method entails having a structural thing that scares the birds away. The weakness in this method unfortunately, is that the birds realize that they structure does not get to pose any threat to them and so it is only a short term solution. However, increase the efficiency of this method, design your statue in a manner that it is able to move like by wind.

Odor aversions.
This method works under the principle that bad odor us not inviting. A common equipment when applying this the method is methyl anthranilate. To the pigeons, the smell of this particular chemical is one they cannot stand. One will tend to use more of this chemical in non-porous surfaces as compared to porous. All you have to do is to pour some of the chemical on the barn and this will definitely take care of the birds as they can’t stand the smell of the chemical.

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