How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Your House?

At this current time in the 21st century there are numerous inventions for virtually every single thing that may pop-up in your mind. Rodents and reptiles are also part of the whole idea, with devices and ideas that sound wildly appealing, workable and reasonable to you.

Some Of The Less Effective Methods
• Squirrel deterring sound devices. These are some of the most marketed but are not quite as efficient as you would think
• Bright lights and LED lights
• Poisons. Well it’s not that it doesn’t work but it’s quite cruel as they take long before they die, and they also put your pets and kids at risk of ingesting them which would be catastrophic

The Best Methods To Keep Squirrels Away And Out

Physical Barriers
Squirrels access the inside of your house through tiny opening in the roofing and chimney so it onlymakes sense that the best way is to physically keep them out

• Patching up the holes in your roof is one of the ways that keeps the little rodents outs. But be sure it’s done right because squirrels will find a small hole and gnaw at it until its big enough for them to fit through
• Put wire mesh over your chimney
• Cover all vents that are in your house with wire mesh

While doing this leave single holes unsealed but have it made out into an exit/makeshift valve where the squirrels can leave through but cannot regain entrance into your house. With this done, drawing them out with some peanuts is also a good idea, even though since they are highly mobile and exploratory creatures, they will still leave. Designing the hole to be an exit only is done by using a thin sheet of metal and making it out into a funnel shape with the apex of the funnel being further from the hole and its base overlying the hole. This way a squirrel can exit through the funnel but cannot enter.

• The right trap is key. A live cage trap is perfect for the job. Place it in a hidden area of your attic, and the squirrels are more likely to approach it if it’s in this position. You can purchase the live cage traps in a hardware store

• The best bait. For a squirrel, peanuts, walnuts and bread crumbs are appealing enough to get the squirrel into the trap. Just be careful to place the bait far enough into the cage to keep the squirrel from grabbing it without entering into the cage.

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