How To Keep Squirrels Away From Your Property?

Squirrels, adorable as they are, don’t always earn favors with you. Sometimes they are all around your garden ruining your tomatoes and berries that you’ve worked so hard on and you just want them gone completely.

The idea of getting rid of the squirrels is that the ones already on your property are removed and all along keep other squirrels from getting into your property.

There are a bunch oftheories on getting rid of squirrels posted on the internet, but here are some you just might find truthful and actually work.

This aimed at killing the squirrels. There are specific poisons that you could use which are also used to kill other rodents. An example is rat poison.It’s not the most ideal method considering:

• The squirrels hardly ever die.
• You have to deal with the squirrels dead bodies, which may be carriers of harmful parasites that may infect you.
• If the squirrels die in your house the stench from the bodies is not one you would like to have in your house.
• Your kids and pets are also at risk of ingesting the poison which may lead to some disastrous results.
• So if you want to kill them, professional help is what you need, you just might need to hire an exterminator

Sealing off holes and cracks on your walls and roofs
This bars the squirrels from entry. Make sure that all the holes are well sealed because squirrels can gnaw at little holes and make them big enough for an entrance.

Using squirrel-proof bird feeders
They work either by ejecting the squirrels into the air or others by shocking the creatures as they try to jump off the feeders. Squirrel deterrents (These are not always 100% effective)

• An example of mothballs which contains dichlorobenzene, which is the active gradient when it comes to repelling the squirrels. The problem is that this is also harmful to humans.
• Ammonia based repellants are also usable

Using traps
This is one of the most popular solutions. This helps you catch multiple squirrels that may be lurking in your house. Live cage traps are quite effective and are humane. Once you have caught the squirrels, make sure that you release them not less than 10 miles from your house, so that they cannot find a way back into your property.

Using predatory scents
Examples are Squirrel Away and Squirrel B Gone.These have actual fox urine smells, and when the squirrels smell this they are scared away.

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