What are some ways to kill an armadillo in the yard?

Yard Invaders
People who own a home in Canada and in the United States have probably seen armadillos only on TV, in zoos, and in wildlife rehabilitation centers. Some people have even read about armadillos or even saw them in movies. However, almost no one saw them in their yards and on their decks besides people who live in the south of the United States. People who live in Texas, Florida, and other states in the south of the United States are very familiar with armadillos. Almost every inhabitant of Texas and Florida had an encounter with an armadillo. Some Texans and Floridians even have issues with armadillos on a daily basis. Armadillos terrorize the citizens of Texas and Florida in various ways, from invading yards to crawling spaces under the deck.

They are Dangerous
These weird-looking critters aren’t a big threat to kids. However, they are a huge threat to your cats and dogs. Pets usually get involved in fights with armadillos which can transmit them a dangerous disease called leprosy. Armadillos rarely attack people. They only attack humans when they feel threatened. Even the slightest bite or scratch of an armadillo can transmit you leprosy. Armadillos are also dangerous because they are a frequent road kill which means that they pose a sanitation nuisance.

Armadillos in Yard
Armadillos aren’t fond of invading people’s homes. However, these peculiar animals are fond of invading people’s yards. They are also frequent deck visitors. These animals can cause a lot of problems once they invade someone’s yard. They will dig; eat garden plants, and many things more. This is why you should get rid of armadillos as soon as possible. These wild animals can cause damage to your property whose repair can cost thousands of dollars. It is always better to prevent armadillos in your yard than having to get rid of them once they invade your yard.

Prevent Armadillos in Your Yard
The best way to prevent an armadillo invading your yard is installing chicken wire or lattice around your home. You can also place various armadillo repellents around your property to prevent them from invading your yard. However, if an armadillo invades your property, you should get rid of the animal by killing it if your state allows that.

How to Kill and Armadillo in the Yard
The best way to “humanely” kill an armadillo in your yard is to shoot the animal in the head with a shotgun. If you don’t have heart to do this, then you should place lethal traps around your property.

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