How to kill Canada Geese

The task of dealing with the same migratory birds all year round can make anyone want to go for the last option; And that is to kill a bird.

Canada geese can be a big problem for most people with homes situated next to a river or a lake. Should you decide to end the problem in this manner, bear in mind that you have to gear up for an excruciating task and may also need to devote plenty of time for the same purpose.

Air gun
The simplest way to get rid of migratory birds is by shooting them. But since most air guns can only shoot a few birds from the entire group, there’s a possibility that they will keep on coming back. You could also end up being attacked by these birds since they have the tendency to run wild.

It should be noted that like any other birds, a Canada goose is federal law protected. You will be required a hunting license to be able to shoot those birds during the open season.

• It is legal to hunt Canada geese when you’re in Washington
• Shooting outside hunting season requires permits coming from US Dept. of Agriculture Wildlife Service (for lethal extermination) and US Fish and Wild life Service

The easiest way to kill a nuisance bird is probably by poisoning. With only a little effort needed, you just have to make sure that the poison is spread all over the bait and wait for the bird to finally consume the “food”. Some poisons look like grains already so there’s no need to use leftovers to lure the birds for some treat. The only disadvantage with poisoning is that most birds can still manage to fly and come to another place before the poison comes in full effect. When this happen, there will be carcasses somewhere else and may contaminate the place. Therefore, poisoning may cause another form of danger to public health and safety.

Gas chamber
On more extreme cases, the use of gas chamber to kill Canada geese is available. But for some individuals, this method is obviously not feasible for “at-home-remedy”.

On second thought
Whatever ways and means you come up with, there will still be other issues to deal with.

• Ethical issues
• Obtaining a license
• Acquiringdangerous paraphernalia
• Compromising your home and family’s safety

The best solution probably is still prevention. Other than that, the smartest thing to do is to speak to any animal welfare professional or with some people who have better experience when it comes to exterminating migratory birds.

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