What are some ways to kill a coyote in the yard?

The population of coyotes is expanding day by day and their habitat is shrinking with the increasing population. Therefore in order to cope with the increasing competition and population, the coyotes search for the new territories and places where they can lavishly roost and feast on the food they like. That is why due to the increasing population of coyotes and the intrusion of these animals in the human dwellings, farms and with the animals, they have now been recognized as the pests. That is why their interaction with humans is also increasing in obviously the negative way and they are proving to be a harm for humans and their pets.

Coyotes spotted in the yard
With the increasing population of coyotes and habitats growing less for these animals, they have started intruding into the human dwellings. The most important and favorite place of coyotes where they are found roosting and feasting is the yard of the house…Usually there are two purpose of visiting the yards of houses. Either the coyotes are in search of food or shelter due to which they visit the yards of houses. Usually the coyotes are not too large as a wolf. That is why they cannot be spotted easily. Their coat color is also varied but generally the coat color which is found in coyotes mostly is tan and grey. Their size is almost the same like that of dogs. They are much similar to dogs in their features but different enough to be distinguished by both their features as well as their habits. Moreover the howling sounds made by coyotes are also very distinct and can easily be distinguished.

Getting rid of the coyotes
There are many ways of getting rid of the coyotes visiting your yard or intruding into your garbage bins. The easiest way of doing so is by preventing the access f coyotes to those places for which they visit there. For example the garbage bins which serve as the source of feast and food for the coyotes. Secondly you should also not feed your pets outside the house because the coyotes can steal away the leftover food and can also come back in search of the food. Usually it is not wise to kill the coyote directly unless it is not being offensive. The best way to avoid the coyotes is to prevent the exposure of those agents and substances which attract the coyotes and tempt them to visit your yard again and again.

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