How to kill flying squirrels

There are some points where somebody reaches and cannot take it any longer. When these animals disturb you feel like you want to kill them and I is so normal. If you are experiencing sleepless nights just because of these animals, you need to let them taste the wrath of death. Here are some ways through which you can kill a flying squirrel.

• Shooting the flying squirrels.
• Trapping the flying squirrels.
• Poisoning the flying squirrels.

All these methods are very resourceful and will help you catch the animal, and squeeze a piece from them.

Shooting the flying squirrels
Shooting is very humane method of killing. It causes little pain and an instant death. Actually the animal will not feel a thing but will die on the spot. If in case you have these disturbing animals in your attic, then consider shooting them. This will kill them instantly relieving you all the sorrows and nightmares during the night. Shooting is also very accurate, with proper targeting; you are assured of getting the animal.

Trapping the animal
Instead of shooting the flying squirrels, others will consider using some killer traps or the lethal traps to do the job. These traps are very inhumane but some of them are. They will kill the animal instantly but some will make the animal die of slow but painful death. Therefore, look into the method that you are using to trap the squirrel and re-evaluate whether it will cause a slow or faster death. Remember that you don’t want the animal to die of deep slow pain.

Poisoning the animal
Poisoning is another method that you can use to kill these nuisance animals. Poisoning the food that these animals consume might be a good idea but not the best. Poisoning cause a severe bleeding to the animal making it die slowly and painfully. Therefore, in so far as the manufacturers are advocating the use of the poisons, they are not always the best option to run for. Consider other methods of killing.

When these animals are too much, some several measures have to be taken and killing the animal is one of the methods. Though killing is not that much advocated, it is necessary where the animals are too much and threatening the human existence in a place.

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